I'm a New York licensed acupuncturist. 

During my 20-year corporate career in finance, I was diagnosed with several incurable autoimmune conditions, gastro-intestinal issues such as ulcers, seasonal and food allergies, and mold exposures.  To add to that surgeries, hospital stays and pain management during recovery.  Conventional medicine offered one solution for these symptoms: medication, and some, for the rest of my life. 

Since I grew up in a Chinese family where seasonal soups, herbal formula, cupping and moxabustion are common practice of healthy living, I knew possibilities were available for a different outcome. 

My open mind and persistence lead me to acupuncture, nutrition and lifestyle changes. Three months into these changes, I became and still remain symptoms and medication free. 

One of the most unexpected side effects was for the first time in 15 years I was able to walk through Central Park in the middle of Spring, and I could breath, my eyes and nose were clear. I got to fully appreciate the scent of this urban forest, medication free.  

Immensely grateful and curious about this ancient healing art called acupuncture, I went on to complete the Master of Science in Acupuncture program at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine NY while working full time in corporate America.  The curriculum consisted of 2,500 hours of training in Traditional Chinese Medicine with heavy emphasis on biosciences such as biology, chemistry, pharmacology, ortho-neuro evaluation, anatomy, pathophysiology, gynecology, dermatology, and psychology.  I continue my training in the doctoral program for acupuncture.  

Have you acknowledged and appreciated your body's innate healing capacity?

What would a body that fully embraces life feel like? 

What can you do today to nourish your body? 

JACKEE SHU                                                                                                                                                                                      LAc, Access Bars Practitioner, Certified Happy Mouth Practitioner, Access Facelift™  Practitioner, CPA, MBA